Mentorship -September 2020

General / 05 September 2020

Private online mentorship for beginners and intermediate artist, focused on Environment Concept Design .

Details for the class:

  • Class Duration - 4 weeks
  • Each week We meet Roughly 2-3 hours for live demo,feedback and PO ,also there will be mid week feedback to see the progress.
  • Class will be hosted in Discord and private Discord channel will be created for students to communicate,get feedback from peers and mentor.
  • Seat will be limited to 7-10 Artist Max.
  • Price for the class is 375$ USD
  • Classes will be recorded .

Pre-Requirement :

  • Basic Understanding of art and Digital painting.
  • Basic understanding of tools like Photoshop and any 3D package is good.

What you can Expect to learn :

  • Design and Composition to make a good environment Design.
  • Value ,color and lighting.
  • 3D workflow for creating high quality concept art.
  • Software Focused on this class ( Blender, 3dcoat, Photoshop, VR( Adobe medium and gravity sketch ) 

Time :

Saturday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM IST

First class : 19th September

To Apply:

Send your details and current portfolio link to this email :

Few Students works from previous class :